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Simon Pearce

Iconic Vermont Blown Glass

I was brought on at Simon Pearce to completely reimagine and launch a new look-and-feel for this iconic, American-made glass company. From voice to visuals, I directed the comprehensive redesign of the brand's identity as we sought to connect with a new type of customer--one who appreciated craft over formality.

Directing a external branding agency and an in-house team of designers, photographers, stylists and copywriters, I led a new vision that touched every area of the brand's creative: product and lifestyle photography, packaging, in-store merchandising, social and print marketing, ecommerce, and even menus at the famous restaurant above the falls.  

We saw immediate growth, attracting a new and eager customer, while re-engaging our all-important existing customer with a refreshed point-of-view on their beloved brand.

Special call out to Rodeo & Co. for  much of this brilliant photography.

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