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I lead the way forward

A strong vision, clearly communicated, becomes a shared purpose.  Trust and confidence, freely given, become accountability.  The safety to try, and fail, and learn, becomes momentum, and a design culture grows strong. 

At Meta I have the honor of working with the most talented people in the world and together we launch products and features used by billions of people, billions of times per day.   


I have built my career on saying yes to the new:  taking risks, shifting paradigms, creating something of value from nothing.  My roots are in Silicon Valley but my heart and mind are in nature, humans, and beauty.  From audio to visuals, from social media to games, from AR/VR to AI and generative design, the principles of design are everywhere--and that's where you'll find me.    


Inside and outside of work, I find my true purpose in service and mentoring.  With the United Roots/Oakland Youth Impact Hub, I coach young people to create business plans, market test, and launch their first social enterprise.  With Year Up! and Climb Hire, I help people nail the interview that will get them into their first professional tech job. With Women of Meta Design, I mentor other designers to take the place they have earned in our organization.


I study culture and influence it. I go to bat for people and for ideals.  Yes--I am still an idealist.  What else would you like to know about me? I'd like to know about you, too.  Let's talk. :-) 


Selected Clients


The Walt Disney Company


Electronic Arts

Cartoon Network


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